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About US – Mors Audit

About US

About us

Morsel Mohamed Office is, based in Sana’a city the capital of Republic of Yemen, a new age Chartered Accountancy firm formed by young professionals looking to establish new benchmark in providing client service in the fields of audit, tax advisory, financial services, investment management, accounting among others, as well as arbitration in commercial and banking disputes, preparing economic feasibility studies for various types of projects.

Morsel Mohamed Office runs by Mr. Morsel Mohamed Al-shabibi who is the Founder and a Chartered Accountant. A member of the Yemeni Association of Certified Public Accountants, with a license issued by the Ministry of Industry & Trade No (1508).

Our philosophy is to provide knowledge and expertise – with unsurpassed dedication and sensitivity. We provide professional services to businesses and their leaders, offering experienced guidance at every stage of business growth. We personally serve entrepreneurial, public, non-profit and individual clients.

Our professional team has developed a reputation for the highest quality service and stable personnel, which is unique in today’s public accounting profession.

Our vision

Leadership in the accounting and auditing profession.

Our mission

To provide accounting and auditing services according to global standards, efficiently and with quality control, and to assist clients in achieving their entrepreneurial goals through maintaining and developing their projects.

Our Core Values

• Integrity

• Fairness

• Commitment

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